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NOW AVAILABLE: Enhance Positive Pay Check Protection with Payee Match Validation
Add another critical layer of protection against unauthorized disbursements and fraudulent checks with Citizens Business Bank’s Positive Pay with Payee Match. Standard check Positive Pay service validates check number, check amount and date. Payee Match enhances check Positive Pay service with a powerful optical engine to validate the payee name appearing on checks presented for payment against the payee names provided by you in your Positive Pay issued check file. Items that do not match will be presented to you as a “payee mismatch” exception, allowing you to easily make pay or return decisions.

For more information about Positive Pay, Payee Match or other fraud prevention services, please contact your Banking Center or our
Client Support Team at (888) 228-2265.

Please be sure to submit Pay or Return decisions on all Positive Pay exception items before 11:00 am (PDT). If decisions for any exception items have not been submitted prior to the deadline your default "Pay All" or "Return All" established when the service was implemented will be used.
If you need assistance, please contact Client Support at 888-228-2265.
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